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Sun, Nov 08


Earthly Treasures

Shamanic Journey To Lemuria

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Shamanic Journey To Lemuria
Shamanic Journey To Lemuria

Time & Location

Nov 08, 2020, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Earthly Treasures, 149 Sawkill Ave UNIT 3, Milford, PA 18337, USA


About the Event


Ancient Lemuria is also known as Mu, or Motherland. This ancient utopia is thought to be located in the Pacific Ocean stretching out to Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and out to Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It is believed that Lemuria is one of the first ancient civilizations that predates Atlantis, another lost ancient culture located on the other side of the Earth. Both peoples existed simultaneously until their continents fell into the ocean.

The people of Lemuria are described to be beautiful, slender, tall, and masters of technology, energy, and science. Humans of today can barely fathom their degree of sophistication. The Lemurians were peaceful and worked as a tribe or community believing in oneness, equality, and free will. They understood and worked in harmony with nature, aligning themselves with the energy systems in and around the planet. Lemurians were also a highly evolved society that were strongly connected to their higher selves. They were very intuitive and communicated to others telepathically. Lastly, they were very gifted healers, working to heal all members of the community, believing strongly in their interconnectedness.

Because of their strong connection with nature the Lemurians knew that a great disaster would occur and wipe out their land. Using this knowledge, the Lemurians preserved their culture into the crystal we call Lemurian Seed Crystal. Many of those that meditate with this crystal are said to have visions of the ancient paradise, have an understanding of who the Lemurians were and their deep wisdom of oneness and spirituality.

The Lemurians are said to have retreated to an underground city called Telos which is located under Mt. Shasta in Northern California, where they still exist today. Others say that a portion of the population stayed within the waters of the ocean.

This event is perfect if you feel a closeness to dolphins, whales, mer-people, Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, Sirius, or the Pleiades. These are all connected to Lemuria! Even if you are curious to learn more about Lemuria, answer the call to journey and learn more about this utopian society.

Please feel free to bring your Lemurian Seed Crystal with you during your journey. The crystal may assist you in unlocking information and memories of the past.

Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, pillow and blanket. You can experience your shamanic journey sitting or laying down.

About Kirsten

Kirsten started her spiritual path at a young age. Trying to bring clarity to experiences she could not explain, Kirsten was determined to grow her intuitive mediumship abilities. Also, with a deep need to help others she delved into energy healing modalities such has reiki, IET, and sound healing. To further deepen her connection with Spirit she is currently enrolled in a shamanic program. Throughout Kirsten's spiritual journey, she has grown a very strong bond with her spiritual team. Her guides continue to guide and encourage her to fully embrace her shamanic and healing gifts.

*Per state mandate please wear masks and sanitize hands upon entering Earthly Treasures

*Space is limited to 6 participants due to social distancing. 

$25 per person - Cash Only

Save $10 if you also attend the Shamanic Journey To Your Past Life

2:30am - 3:30pm

Earthly Treasures  149 Sawkill Ave. Milford, PA 18337 (upstairs)

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