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Healing Testimonials

It is my pleasure and honor to provide healings to those who are open to receive. I am truly blessed to feel the love, compassion and healing energy from Spirit. It is a true gift to me when I witness my clients own healing from either sound healing, reiki, or shamanic healings.

"... It was not only healing and balancing but it shifted my energy in such a positive way..."

" I had the pleasure of working with Kirsten and her singing bowls for over a year. It was not only healing and balancing but it shifted my energy in such a positive way. It greatly improved my overall well being. She also does a wonderful massage that is relaxing but at the same time works out those areas that really need attention. Kirsten has a genuine warmth and makes you feel completely comfortable in her caring environment. I highly recommend Kirsten and working with her is a real treat!"

Leslie Weinman

Live Well Nutrition

"...Each session I had felt a renewed spirit upon heading back to my everyday life..."

"Kirsten’s work with her singing bowls is extraordinary. After having several sessions with her, I have to say everyone of them is a unique experience. The sound and vibration is so relaxing and very healing to the body, mind and soul. Each session I had felt a renewed spirit upon heading back into my everyday life. "

Stefanie Layman

Earth Beauty Essentials

"... After experiencing one singing bowl session I was able to sleep soundly, and remained clear-headed and focused through out my week."

"Kirsten is incredible with her Singing Bowls. My sessions were very relaxing, and effective. I have had four sessions with Kirsten. After experiencing one singing bowl session I  was able to sleep soundly, and remained clear-headed and focused through out my week."

Daniel Burgos

Indigo Healing Hands

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